Thursday, September 01, 2005

Rabbi Weiner & Dr. Alan Kirk

Discussion on organ transplantation, surgical morbidity and mortality

Rabbi Breitowitz: Stem Cells and Cloning

A very analytical and complete review of both topics, with great insight into the position that Halacha takes.

Rabbi Freundel: Gender Selection

A very complete review of a topic not clearly covered in halacha, can we use modern technology to insure we have a boy and girl.

Rabbi Singer: Organ Transplantation

A very complete analysis of the subject can we endanger ourselves in order to donate an organ to a needy person.

Rabbi Weiner: Invitro fertilization Part 2

Second Part of the lecture

Rabbi Weiner: Invitro fertilization; Part 1

First part of the lecture

Rabbi Weiner

Pikuach Nefesh

Rabbi Lopiansky

Mystical insights into creation and how it is related to cloning and stem cell research